Meet Laurie Nelson

My background in marketing, management, leadership, arts and education eventually led me to starting my own business as a Squarespace web designer. Music, theatre, art and dance have all been instrumental in this life. Raised in a family of musicians and artists, I was marinated from birth in sharing life through beauty, which has come to include graphic and web design, media storytelling, and also intuitive and shamanic art through the creation of sacred drums as tools for growth and change. I also guide kirtan and musical meditation as a pathway toward bliss. It’s all beauty, and adding to the love of this planet we call home.


I am an absolute nut for being outside. There’s just something very magical about it for me. I love cozy cabins and wood fires in a fireplace, along with a cup of hot tea and a good book. I listen to Dan Fogelberg, acoustic folk guitar music, Kenny Rankin, and the lyrics of Michael Franks can still make me giggle. I have always been an introvert, and even though I was trained as a child to be on stage and in front of audiences, my quiet nature has remained. I’ve spent this life learning about and experiencing wisdom traditions and deep spirituality, sometimes through teachers and books, but most profoundly through solitary practice and experience.


The forest is where I love spending time, and where I go to find my center when I feel a bit out of balance in daily life. I grew up in Nebraska, but fell in love with Washington State when I moved here at 17 years old. It felt so exotic compared to the Midwest! The constantly lapping edges of Puget Sound, the many boats and harbors, the salt in the wind, the mountains with snow, all the gorgeous places to hike, and oh! the Cedars! How it all captured me so. This is definitely where my heart and roots are nourished. Inspired by Henry David Thoreau when I was a teen, one of my life-long dreams has been to live simply and sustainably in a small house within the sanctuary of many Cedars. Working on that.


Another of my loves is journaling. I have been scrawling my life experiences for over half a century! One of my favorite places to write is at the ocean, whether in the Pacific NW or on the eastern seaboard. The meditative sound of the water as it rolls endlessly onto the shore, and the deeply intoxicating scent of the salt air as it enters my lungs, fills me with bliss. Some of my favorite poetic and flowery stuff has spilled onto paper while in contemplation at the edge of the sea. Living in the Pacific NW affords me the joyous opportunity to get to the ocean in just a few hours, and entices me to retreat to that salty, sandy paradise as often as possible. It also fills my soul that the rainforest is at the coast as well.